About Motion Law:
The following communication plan will focus on improving the method of communication of the law firm Motion Law Immigration. This law firm is located in Washington, D.C, specializing in immigration law. This law firm consists of a team of four base attorneys who are highly experienced in family immigration, business immigration, deportations, appeals, waivers, and B1-B2 visas. There is a team of paralegals supporting the attorneys and client care representatives. This communication plan will be presented to key leaders in the group that are part of each area of service in the company. ​​​​​​​
Current Communication:
The way the system of operation currently works is through the Client Care Representatives who are the team members who deal with clients one-on-one and are the ones to respond to the questions they might have firsthand. The following line of communication the clients deal with is with the paralegals, whose responsibility is to organize the information clients send and fill out necessary information in certain documents. They are essentially the right hand of the attorney. Lastly, attorneys are the ones who create the plan of action for the cases as they are the ones who know the ins and outs of the necessary procedure and requirements of each case. Often, they defend clients in court if necessary and create strategies to support clients in the most successful way possible. 
Communication Problems:
Communication with clients is ineffective
The number of barriers between the client and the information is too high

Clients are frustrated
They often do not receive updates on their cases

The number of calls maxes out capacity
The only channel of communication with the law firm  is through calls / email
(See app prototype below)
All services will be in one place

Save Time​​​​​​​
The FAQ feature will answer the easy questions the clients previously called the office for

Status Updates​​​​​​​
Users will be able to log in to the app and see their case status.
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